Grave cleaning and restoration

Grave cleaning, Flowers, Restoration, Customized tribute wherever your need in France
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Le Plus Bel Hommage (meaning The greatest Tribute) is a French company with its headquarter in Avrainville near Paris which is specialized in :
  • Grave cleaning
  • Flowers and plants delivery to cemetery
  • Restoration of headstone and family chapel
  • Any wish in order to honor the memory of a relative (including customized tribute)

Our target is to assure that your wishes will be acted and that our action will provide a comfort feeling to our customers. We also organize any commemoration (with religious prayers or litteracy lectures) that prooves your tribute to your relative.

We provide for each order a full documentation that includes :

  • Pictures of the grave before and after our intervention (sent per E-mail or post office)

  • Status of the grave with recommendations for any necessary restoration

We cover any cemetery all over France without additional costs. We have dedidated and trained teams all over the french territory that are able to fulfil your requests.

 We highly recommend our actions in the following locations where foreign cemeteries are located. We also provide our services all over the french cemeteries :

Père Lachaise, Montmartre, Montparnasse, Grenelle, Vaugirard, Auteuil, Passy, Batignolles, Saint Vincent, Calvaire, Bercy, Saint Mandé, Villette, Belleville, Charonne, Bagneux, Pantin, Saint Ouen, Chapelle, Ivry, Thiais, Picpus, Cimetière des Juifs Portugais
British community

Nice (Nizza) : Cimetières des Anglais (English cemetery)
Russian community

Nice (Nizza) : Cimetière russe de caucade (russian cemetery, 900 graves)
Main families : Adamovitch, Chtcherbatchiov, Dolgorouki, Galitzine, Gagarine, Golenichtchev, Ioudenitch, Kotchoubeï, Lazarevsky, Maliavine, Narychkine, Obelenski, Petrovna, Stroganov, Volkonski, Voronoff

Menton : Cimetière russe (russian cemetery)

Paris Batignolles : Carré russe (russian part of the cemetery)

Main families : Bakst, Chaliapine, Liapounov, Milioukov, Riabychinski 

Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois : Cimetière russe (russian cemetery, 5220 graves)

Main families : Alexeiev, Amalrik, Bibikov, Botkina, Boulgakov, Bounine, Chmeliov, Dragomirov, Fabergé, Gagarin, Golovine, Hagondokoff, Ignatiev, Ioussoupov, Kalitine, Kaulbars, Kokovtsov, Korovine, Koutiepov, Krassinsky, Lifar, Lvov, Malotenkov, Merejkovski, Metschersky, Mosjoukine,  Nekrassov, Noureev, Obolensky, Omirova,Oulagaï, Pevsner, Poliakoff, Remizov, Romanov, Serebriakova, Somov, Stravinski, Tarkovski, Tikhonova, Topaloff, Volonine, Vyroubova, Zabeline 

Military cemeteries
As France was involved in WWI and WWII with allied and foreign troops, many military cemeteries are located all over the territor. As a testimony to our fellow friends and tribute to the soldiers who died in the french territory, we provide a special discount (-10%) to any flower delivery in a military cemetery.

 American military cemeteries :

Colleville-sur-Mer : Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, 9387 graves

Saint-James : Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial, 4410 graves

Epinal : WWII Epinal American Cemetery and Memorial 5225 graves

Saint Avold : Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial, 10489 graves

Seringes en Nesle, Suresnes

Draguignan : American Rhone Cemetery, 861 graves

Bois Belleau, Romagne sous Montfaucon, Saint Mihiel, Somme

Australian military cemeteries :

Fromelles, VC Corner

British military cemeteries :

Barneville la Campagne, Bayeux, Bazenville, Cambes en Plaine, Chouain, Douvres la Délivrande, Fontenay le Pesnel, Hermanville sur Mer, Saint Désir, Ranville, Saint Charles de Percy, Saint Manvieu Norrey, Secqueville en Bessin, Tilly sur Seules, Mazargues-Marseille

Albuera, Anzin, Auberchicourt, Aubers Ridge, Aubigny, Aval wood, Bailleul, Barlin, Beuvry, Bois Carré, Bois Grenier, Borre, Brewery Orchard, Béthude, Caestre, Cambrin, Chapelle d’Armentières, Chocques, Ascq, Etaples, Cinq rues, Cité Bonjean, Croix du Bac, Desplanque, Ebblinghem, Erquighem Lys, Estaires, Faubourg d’Amiens, Ferme Buterne, Godewaersvelde, Gonnehem, Gorre british and Indian cemetery, Guard’s, Guemappe, Haverskerque, Hazebrouck, Hibers Trench, Hinges, Houplines, La Gorgue, La Kreule, Laventie, Le grand Beaumart, Le grand Hazard, Le Peuplier, Le Vertannoy, Lillers, Nieppe, Ninth avenue, Orchard Dump, Outtersteene, Pont de Hem, Pont d’Achelles, Pont de Nieppe, Post office Riffless, Ration farm, Sandpits, St Patrick, St Mary, St Venant-Robecq, Sucrerie, Suffolk, Tank, Tannay, Thiennes, Tigris Lane, Trois Arbres, Wancourt, White City, Windmill, X Farm, Y Farm and many other graves

Canadian military cemeteries / Cimetières militaires Canadiens :
Cimetière militaire de Bretteville sur Laize, Cintheaux, Reviers, Cimetière militaire canadien de Bény sur Mer, Cimetière militaire canadien de Hautot sur Mer and many other graves

Cezch military cemeteries :

Neuville Saint Vaast  

Commonwealth militay cemeteries :

Amiens, Abbeville, Blargies, Longueau, Poix de Picardie, Roye and many other graves

Dutch military cemeteries :

Coye la Forêt-Orry la ville 

German military cemeteries (Deutsche Kriegsgräberstätte)

La Cambe : 21222 graves

Marigny : 11619 graves

Saint Désir de Lisieux : 3735 graves

Orglandes : 10152 graves

Champigny Saint André : 19954 graves

Fort de Malmaison, Beauvais, Bourdon, Nampcel, Berneuil, Solers, Dagneux and many other graves 

Polish military cemeteries :

Dieuze, Grainville-Langannerie, Aubérive 

Romanian military cemetery :

Soultzmatt Val du Pâtre 

Russian military cemeteries :

Saint Hilaire le Grand : Cimetière militaire russe (russian military cemetery, 915 graves) / The main russian military cemetery in France, testimony of the French-Russian alliance during the first world war (1914-1918).

Noyers Saint Martin


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